8 Nutritious Plant-Based Milk Alternatives to Try Today

Mar 17, 2024

Creamy and indulgent, coconut milk is rich in healthy fats and can add a tropical twist to your favorite recipes.

1. Coconut Milk

With a subtly nutty flavor and a creamy texture, almond milk is high in vitamin E and makes a delicious base for smoothies and lattes.

2. Almond Milk

Made from oats, this dairy-free alternative is a great source of fiber and adds a rich, creamy texture to coffee and baked goods.

3. Oat Milk

Soy milk is packed with protein and is a fantastic option for those looking to increase their plant-based protein intake.

4. Soy Milk

Smooth and creamy, cashew milk is a delicious plant-based alternative that is low in calories and high in healthy fats.

5. Cashew Milk

Hemp milk is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and provides a creamy texture that works well in both sweet and savory dishes.

6. Hemp Milk

A great option for those with allergies or intolerances, rice milk is gentle on the stomach and has a naturally sweet flavor.

7. Rice Milk

Pea milk is gaining popularity for its high protein content and creamy texture, making it a great choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

8. Pea Milk