A Heartbreaking Loss and an Underdog Triumph: The Tale of Purdue and Wisconsin

Mar 17, 2024

Purdue had a two-point lead with six seconds left and a chance to beat Wisconsin in regulation. What happened next?

A Nail-Biting Finish

It had a three-point lead with 45 seconds left in overtime, but Purdue failed to eliminate the Badgers. How did the game take a surprising turn?

An Overtime Rollercoaster

Despite being the underdogs, Wisconsin made an incredible comeback and defeated the top-seeded Boilermakers. How did they do it?

A Stunning Upset

Purdue, once projected as the No. 1 seed, now faces uncertainty after their unexpected loss. Who took their place?

A Shift in Seedings

Discover the standout performances of Chucky Hepburn and AJ Storr, who led Wisconsin to victory against all odds.

Rising Stars

Witness Zach Edey's outstanding performance with 28 points and 11 rebounds for Purdue. How did he fight till the very end?

Zach Edey's Heroics

Despite a rough regular season, Wisconsin showed resilience and sealed their third consecutive win in the tournament. How did they turn their fortunes around?

Wisconsin's Redemption

The Badgers will face Nebraska or Illinois in the title game. Can they secure their spot in the NCAA Tournament and improve their seeding?

A Shot at the Title

Experience the strength and unity of the Wisconsin team that defied expectations and emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Get to know the players who make it all possible.

An Unforgettable Team