Controversy at the Oscars: The Speech That Divided Opinions

Mar 18, 2024

Danny Cohen, executive producer of 'The Zone of Interest,' shares his disagreement with Jonathan Glazer's speech at the 2024 Oscars.


Glazer draws parallels between Nazi Germany and the ongoing conflict in Gaza, sparking controversy and debate.

Parallel Narratives

Cohen blames Hamas for the war and criticizes their use of tunnels to hide rather than protect innocent civilians.

Responsibility and Disagreement

The Jewish community, who viewed the film as Holocaust education, feels upset by the connection to the current situation in Gaza.

Mixed Reactions

Cohen expresses regret that the film's success is overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Glazer's speech.

Regrettable Outcome

Glazer links dehumanization to conflict and questions how to resist its impact on innocent people.

Dehumanization and Conflict

Glazer's speech receives thunderous applause from the star-studded audience at the Oscars.

Star-Studded Applause

The public's response to Glazer's speech is split, with some supporting his comments and others criticizing the comparison.

Divided Opinions

Jewish Voice for Peace expresses solidarity with Glazer, highlighting the growing number of Jews supporting the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.

A Shared Struggle