Joe Torre Returns to Yankees Camp

Mar 17, 2024

Joe Torre, former Yankees manager, returns to Yankees camp in a full Yankees uniform for the first time since 2007.

Joe Torre Returns

Aaron Boone personally called Joe Torre and asked him to come to Yankees camp and get in uniform.

Special Request from Aaron Boone

Joe Torre initially hesitated about wearing the Yankees uniform but ultimately agreed to do so.

Uncertainty About the Uniform

Joe Torre's presence brings excitement and gratitude to the Yankees camp.

Joe Torre's Presence

Aaron Boone expresses his gratitude for having Joe Torre in camp and the opportunity to learn from him.

Grateful for Joe Torre

Andy Pettitte, Ron Guidry, and Willie Randolph, former Yankees players and staff, are also in camp.

Former Yankees Reunion

Joe Torre understands the pressure Aaron Boone is under and expresses his support for him.

Joe Torre's Support

Joe Torre plans to stick around for a few days and enjoy his time being back in Yankees camp.

Joe Torre's Return