The Dark Side of Kids TV

Mar 17, 2024

Bryan Hearne's experience on the set of 'All That' reveals the disturbing truth about the Nickelodeon universe.

A House of Horrors

Writer-producer Dan Schneider is exposed for running a toxic show-business factory that exploited child actors.

Toxic Factory

The docu-series uncovers the presence of convicted sex offenders on the Nickelodeon sets and reveals the unsettling sexual undercurrents of the shows.

Unsettling Revelations

Celebrities like Amanda Bynes and Ariana Grande are highlighted for their involvement in the Nickelodeon universe.

Famous Faces

Former Nickelodeon actors and crew members speak out about the alleged bullying behavior on the show sets, including by Dan Schneider.

Bullying Behavior

The series reveals connections between Nickelodeon actors like Drake Bell and controversial figures like Bryan Singer.

Controversial Figures

The aftermath of the Nickelodeon universe: the downfall of child stars like Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell.

Devastating Consequences

The series sparks a demand for change in the entertainment industry, calling for safer and more ethical treatment of child actors.

Demand for Change