The Heartbreaking Turn of Events: Kent State's Near Miss

Mar 18, 2024

Kent State takes a 61-60 lead with six seconds remaining, seemingly securing their spot in the NCAA Tournament.

March Giveth...

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Julius Rollins fouls Akron's Greg Tribble, giving him two free throws and the lead with 4.8 seconds left.

...But March Can Taketh Away

Kent State goes from elation to misery as Jalen Sullinger misses a last-second shot, sealing their fate.

From Elation to Misery

In mid-major conferences, where only one team makes it to the tournament, every play is crucial and the stakes are high.

Mid-Major Madness

Kent State coach Rob Senderoff takes responsibility for the loss, blaming himself for not calling a timeout.

Blaming Himself

College basketball reporters express sympathy for Julius Rollins, acknowledging the tough situation he found himself in.

Twitter Reacts

Greg Tribble, despite being stunned by Rollins' foul, admits that it worked out in favor of Akron, securing their victory.

Unexpected Turn of Events

Akron celebrates their MAC Tournament title, while Kent State is left empty-handed with no NCAA Tournament bid.

A Bittersweet Victory