The Struggles of Jarred Kelenic: A Tale of Resilience

Mar 18, 2024

Jarred Kelenic, once a highly-touted prospect, joined the MLB with high expectations.

A Promising Start

Kelenic's spring training performance has been abysmal, with a batting average of .071.

Spring Training Nightmares

Kelenic's struggles have resulted in the Braves considering a platoon role for him in the outfield.

A Platoon Role

Alex Anthopoulos and Brian Snitker showed honesty and respect by informing Kelenic about the signing of Adam Duvall.

Words of Honesty

Kelenic's frustration becomes evident as he shows visible signs of anger on the field.

Visible Frustration

Kelenic battles his inner demons, constantly being hard on himself during rough patches.

A Battle Within

Kelenic's journey takes an unexpected turn as he is traded to the Braves after five years with the Mariners.

A Twist of Fate

Despite his struggles, Jarred Kelenic is viewed as a player with immense offensive potential.

The Promise of Upside