Three-Time Olympic Medalist Shane Rose Hospitalized After Nasty Fall

Mar 17, 2024

Three-time Olympic medalist Shane Rose was hospitalized this week after being seriously injured in a “nasty fall” during a schooling session.

Nasty Fall and Hospitalization

Rose’s team posted an update on Facebook confirming that the equestrian was currently in the Intensive Care Unit after suffering a significant number of injuries during a fall.

Update from Rose's Team

Rose underwent surgery to stabilize his broken femur and fractured pelvis. He also suffered a heavy concussion.

Injuries and Surgery

Rose's injuries could force him to miss the Paris Olympics Games. Despite previously qualifying for two Olympics, he was unable to compete due to horse-related issues.

Impact on Olympic Games

Rose is a three-time Olympian, winning two silver medals and one bronze in equestrian events.

Previous Olympic Achievements

Rose made headlines when he was cleared to continue his pursuit of Olympic qualification after a complaint was made against him for wearing a 'mankini' during a show-jumping event.

Controversy and Clearance